Thursday, February 8, 2007

Alternative viewpoints of the proposed Alfred Plaza

Pictured below are alternative viewpoints of the proposed Alfred Plaza. COTTA and the Alfred State Architecture Club envision the space as a communal gathering area, where conversation arises and people have a pleasant place to sit. Its dual function is a bus shelter, which blocks the prevailing wind and provides shelter for those waiting for the bus.

The backrest, and wind-block of the structure is also a large communal posting board, where temporary postings and permanent postings (such as the bus schedule) will be located. The small circular space adjacent to the corner will be equipped with a bolt pattern in the ground to accommodate temporary installations of artwork.

The paving pattern will provide access to the seating space, while allowing people to shortcut the field, which happens frequently. The small green spaces on the corner and in between the street and pavers will be filled with landscaping and foliage, leaving the lawn of the Box of Books as open space.

The terra cotta tile will be Rhino Tiles, donated by John Ninos and Terry Palmiter. In addition, artists from the New York State College of Ceramics may incorporate custom tiles or crested finials to compliment and enhance the terra cotta work. The posts for the structure may be hand-hewn pressure-treated decommissioned telephone poles. This is subject to the availability of the poles.

We are seeking final approval of the project during the March 1st Village Planning Board meeting. If there are any concerns regarding the semi-finalized design, please either post a comment or contact the author of this blog at